BC.GAME Nigeria Anti-Money Laundering Policy

This company strives to ensure that the services on the site are reliable and that your stay is safe and legal. To this end, the online casino complies with all international and national laws in the gambling industry and other areas. For example, BC.GAME Nigeria has a strong focus on combating money laundering and other financial crimes. This is not only a personal desire of the company to make the space safe, but also a commitment to regulators. Bcgame is operated by BlockDance B.V., which has an official registration number 158182 and is licensed by the Government of Curacao.

To ensure that users understand the seriousness of the problem and are aware of the severity of the punishment, the company has developed a corresponding document. It displays the basic procedures that are necessary to achieve a safe environment on the site, as well as the responsibilities of players. Before playing on the site, users should carefully study this document.

BC.GAME Nigeria is constantly fighting against money laundering


The use of illegally obtained funds is not the only parameter that determines money laundering. BC.GAME Nigeria recommends users to study those aspects that will be considered a violation of the law and fall under the definition of this crime:

Anti-money laundering measures

BC.GAME Nigeria wants its website to be safe and free from financial crime, despite the risks that exist. To reduce them, the company is taking the following actions: