Privacy policy provisions at BC.GAME Nigeria

Custom details are essential to improve the player experience. In addition, it is also necessary to achieve the company’s commercial goals. At the same time, obtaining, analyzing, and storing private data must comply with security standards and legal regulations. To this end, BC Game has developed a privacy policy, that reflects all the basic procedures, rights, and obligations of the parties. This document is official and legal since the company is managed by BlockDance B.V., which is registered with the number in the commercial register of Curacao 158182, Boulevard Emancipati Dominico F. “Don” Martina 31, Curacao, and has a license under the number 5536/JAZ.

Any user who goes to the official website and wants to start playing there must study the provisions of the document and confirm their agreement with them. Otherwise, the person will be forced to leave the site.

The company’s management has the right to make additions and changes to the policy at any time. Therefore, further use and storage of confidential details will be under the new version. If adjustments are significant, then staff will notify users in advance. However, BC.GAME Nigeria recommends that players visit the relevant section on the site from time to time in order to stay updated on all changes and avoid misunderstandings.

BC.GAME Nigeria protects users' personal data and adheres to the privacy policy

Types of data

When a user creates a profile on the site, they agree that the company will receive and process their private details in accordance with the policy. BC.GAME Nigeria recommends that players find out in what cases and what personal data will be collected:

How is it used?

All private details are used to benefit both the company and users. The main areas of app are:

Data transfer

BC.GAME Nigeria does not have the right to transfer or sell private user details to third parties without reason. However, in accordance with policy and law, there are parties to whom the company has the right or obligation to do this:

Also, the company may disclose confidential information in certain situations:

Safety measures

BC.GAME Nigeria will make every effort to ensure that users’ personal details are secure throughout their use of the company’s services. To do this, the online casino uses the following measures:

External resources

BC.GAME Nigeria may also use its site to provide advertisements or links to other websites. However, the company is not responsible for the security of such content and recommends that users first review their privacy policy. The company will not be responsible if its players suffer losses as a result of visiting external sites.


In order to better understand user preferences and behavior on the site, the company uses cookies. These are small text files that are installed in the player’s browser when visiting a site. Some of them are automatically deleted from the device when you end your session. In addition, users can refuse optional cookies through their browser settings.

Notes and complaints

If users have questions about the privacy policy, exercise of their rights, or quality of service, then they can contact customer support at [email protected].

Players can also submit complaints if they believe that their rights have been violated. If the support manager is unable to resolve the issue, then the individual has the right to contact their local data protection authority.